Co-organisation and video of the exhibition during Art Route Hoogtij #40 @ incubator Noordwal 117


In the past years I have been very busy co-organising and photgraphing social and cultural events @ the cultural incubator Noordwal 117. Our goal was to work together on social and cultural importance.  Initiatives that connects people with each other. An example of one of the initiatives in the field of arts  is the Art Route Hoogtij. We mostly programed the work of young emerging experimental artist with a special focus on artist working with installation, video and site specific work.. This time we invited the very talented Gijs Leijdekkers and Gregor van Egdom. They created a new installation in the backyard called Nachtgloed. 

I made a video impression of the beautiful installation Nachtgloed by Gijs Leijdekkers and Gregor van Egdom

About the installation:
The night comes to life. A glow of fireflies drops down on us. Accompanied by warm sounds we dream away to another world ... An earlier version of this installation was presented at "Into the Great Wide Open - festival" (Vlieland), and was a big success there.
"Art Projects in the woods and dunes, inspired by the wind. With arguably the highlight Night Glow Gijs Leijdekkers and Gregor van Egdom." &