Exhibition (In)constancy of Space of Space, Ring Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia

I am currently showing work in Zagreb, Croatia. My Babel towers were selected for the groupshow '(IN)CONSTANCY OF SPACE' in the Ring Gallery. The artists involved in this exhibition are all living in the Netherlands or Croatia. Curators Neva Lukić & Vanja Babić compiled telling works of more than 20 Dutch and Croatian artists. Connected by their active, critical attitude to space and architecture.

The exhibition (IN)CONSTANCY OF SPACE focuses on the way contemporary Dutch and Croatian artists deal with architecture and the spaces it shapes. In their works of art, buildings are not only attractive themes, but they carry various symbolic, sociological, psychological or ideological connotations. The exhibition also touches on the issue of the position of architecture and its spaces in the mind of modern man.

The exhibition puts the artworks into 4 categories: Life, Power and Death, On the Boundary between Utopia, Fantasy and Dystopia, Claustrophobia and Phases and Visions and Boundaries.

The following artists will present their artworks in the exhibition: Shigeo Arikawa, Anke van den Berg, Tanja Deman, Darko Fritz, Arend Groosman, Tea Hatadi, Willem van der Hofstede, Lilian Kreutzberger, Margareta Lekić, Gabriel Lester, Maja Marković, Ferenc Molnar, Zoltan Novak, Vedran Perkov, Sara Rajaei, Ana Sladetić, Rik Smits, Robert Šimrak, Goran Škofić, Rob Voerman and Danijel Žeželj.

Ring Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
from 24 September 2014 till 12 October 2014
Curators and authors of the concept: Vanja Babić & Neva Lukić .
Vernissage Saturday 12 Oktober, 2014, 5-7 PM

The exhibition has been kindly supported by funding from the Ministry of Culture of The Republic of Croatia, City Office for Education, Culture and Sports Zagreb, Netherlands Embassy in Zagreb and Stroom Den Haag.

work by Rik Smits
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