Photography of field trips to artist run spaces, incubators and other creative hubs

“The added value of breeding grounds for the cultural and innovative climate in The Hague is widely recognised. In practice, however, these collectives of artists, designers and other creative entrepreneurs are vulnerable.” - Martine Zoeteman.
As co-founder of See Lab I attended different field trips and work sessions in The Netherlands to investigate sustainable models for creative collectives. These field trips were organised by Martine Zoeteman of the DCR Network. I also went on a field trip to Athens organised by Stroom Den Haag with the aim to extend international networks and contacts, and to stimulate the dialogue between art professionals.

Photography of See Lab’s first Public Art Program
“The Story Within and Beyond”

Together with Neva Lukić I developed See Lab’s first exhibition program "The Story within and Beyond" for the new project-space of See Lab. "The Story Within and Beyond" contained out of 4 exhibitions with the work of 10 emerging artist about “narrative in contemporary art” represented in different media.  Made possible with the help of all See Lab members.
Financial supported by Gemeente Den Haag, Stroom Den Haag and Glashandel Piket

Photography cultural incubator See Lab
enovation new studios, renovating project space and development new attic studio’s

In 2015 I co-founded cultural incubator See Lab. See Lab is located in an old school building at The Hague beach, The Netherlands. It emerged from a shared dream to establish a long term working community where professional artist and culture creators with a DIY mentality work both independently and together on art and culture. See Lab hosts 22 affordable workspaces and a project space. It functions as an experimental laboratory for its users by providing testing ground for new ideas and space to explore.

Photography side events, hosted by See Lab
Music events, theater and more