Feeling excited for the official opening op See Lab!!

flyer design: Anke van den Berg

AIR- The official opening of the renovated See Lab building & exhibition space, See Lab, Den Haag, 2017 (April 1st-April 16th)

Participants: Anke van den Berg, Lili Berger, Gregor van Egdom, Jay, Remco Jongejan, Sjuul Joosen, Neva Lukic, Britt Möricke, Liam Joy Niemeijer, Awinash Panchu, Annabelle Schatteman, Katerina Sidorova, Rubins J. Spaans, Savas Tubbing, Mark Veliscek, Chris de Vis

AIR tells the story about the See Lab community where professional artists and culture creators work both independently and together on art experiments, exhibitions and various projects sharing artistic and DIY mentality. AIR deals with the perception of air, the experience of air, and encourages the viewer to become more aware of the air that we all breathe and share.

This event not only sets the tone for a fresh wind of artworks in See Lab recently renovated exhibition space, but also opens up different studios throughout the building, full of creativity and surprise in every corner. The viewer is invited to breathe in the space and participate interactively by feeling the air through a collide sound system or even by sculpting its own dunes!

See Lab opens its doors for its first event and is inviting you to open up all your senses to AIR!

Development 7 extra workspaces See Lab attic continues!!

The development of seven workspaces extra workspaces on the unique attic floor of the See Lab (cultural incubator) building continues!!!!! The construction specifications are being written and the construction drawings are in progress!! This really lifted my mood!!